"Refracting Change: Illuminating the Path to Carbon Redemption"

Experience a mesmerizing marvel of art and environmental consciousness with "Refracting Change." Standing tall at 20ft x 15ft, this monumental prism, crafted from a high gloss black mirror, graces parks across the globe. A beacon of hope and progress, it invites you to witness the power of carbon redemption firsthand. Developed in collaboration with Pantone Design Studio New Delhi, it is an artistic testament to the power of collective action.

Within its sleek glass walls, cutting-edge technology transforms polluted air into purified breaths of fresh air. Real-time air purification combines with the beauty of LED screens, revealing a vibrant display as the sun sets. The evolving hues symbolize the gradual healing of our planet, captivating hearts, and minds. illuminating the evening sky with a vibrant symphony of colors, symbolizing the purification of our planet.

In collaboration with esteemed climate change-focused NGOs, this immersive artwork serves a higher purpose. It aims to ignite conversations, raise awareness, and inspire collective action to combat climate change. Join us as we unite art, science, and compassion, ensuring a breathable future for generations to come.

"Refracting Change": Redefining Art's Impact, Embracing Carbon Redemption