sp-ey cocktail bar, pune india

cocktail bar with dim, atmospheric lighting. The walls are adorned with hanging vines and botanical artwork, creating a lush, enchanted garden atmosphere. The bar counter is made of intricately carved wood, with soft lighting emanating from beneath. In the center of the bar, there's a mesmerizing backdrop—a large mural depicting an enchanted forest, complete with twinkling LED lights that create a magical glow.

The seating options consist of comfortable booths and cozy nooks, featuring plush seating and soft cushions. Vintage-inspired furniture adds charm and elegance to the space. The glassware and drinkware are adorned with intricate designs, while crystal decanters and potion bottles are on display, further enhancing the mystical theme.

This project is a design collaboration with Pantone Collective design studio, New Delhi. you can find more info about them on their website - www.pantonecollective.studio

*images are for representation purpose only. final pictures of the pictures will be uploaded soon.